BAPP has a wide portfolio of clients in a diverse range of marketplaces. In the early Seventies BAPP began its life as a major supplier to both the mining and the rail industries.However as British manufacturing industry changed so, with it, did BAPP. Our Rail Division is still a significant supplier into both rolling stock manufacturers and railway infrastructure companies and has built a massive knowledge base of the products used.

However as BAPP grew during the Eighties it became the dominant supplier of fastenings and fixings to the Constructional Steelwork companies – and to this day is still a respected member of the BCSA.

As times changed BAPP became heavily involved in supplying a wide range of OEM business across the UK.

Through our success in providing high quality service to these clients came an intimate understanding of the systems and procedures required.More recently BAPP has become a supplier to the foremost suppliers of new Power Generation equipment such as Wind Energy.

It is through this diversification process that BAPP understands and importantly as access to the breadth of products that are used anywhere throughout industry when two parts are joined together.