BAPP Industrial Supplies have successfully operated a large number of VMI schemes around the country for several years. These systems include not only fasteners, but a whole range of small class ‘C’ components. Each system we implement is tailored to the client’s individual needs and can range from a simple bin system to a complete bar coded Direct Line Feed set up.

BAPP VMI Benefits

  1. Colour coded bin system to improve product recognition.
  2. Structured and documented ongoing review process.
  3. Cradle to grave, ‘sole owner’ account management.
  4. Increased flexibility to supply ‘off-contract’ items.
  5. Massively increased attention to detail through
    knowledgeable staff.

General VMI Benefits

  1. Reduced vendor base and consequential admin overhead.
  2. Shipping, handling and inspection costs eliminated.
  3. Reduced inventory through JIT delivery.
  4. Abolition of waste packaging.
  5. Creating a streamlined more efficient supply line,
    with more working space.