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The original, the expert


  • Inventor of steelwork clamping systems

  • Over 85 years experience

  • Case studies available on virtually any application on high profile projects from across the globe (visit

  • Technical support includes free design from qualified Lindapter engineers

  • R&D department for bespoke product development only Lindapter offers

  • Hollo-Bolt®, the only cavity fixing to be recognised for primary structural use by both SCI and BCSA

  • Extreme strength fixings, e.g. Type AF Girder Clamp (250kN)

  • Huge range of unique products, includes: Type CF (High Friction), Type AF (High Tension & Friction), Type LS (Stainless Steel), Hollo-Bolt (for structural hollow section)



  • For primary & secondary steelwork

  • No on-site drilling or welding

  • Fast, cost-effective installation

  • On site adjustability

  • No weakening/damage to steel work

  • Hot working permits not required

  • Only hand tools needed

  • Less work at height

  • Potential to dismantle for reconstruction 
    or multi cycling

  • Industry leading quality approvals


Steelwork Fixings

For over 85 years Lindapter has pioneered the design and manufacture of quality steel work connection solutions, providing a unique and proven concept: innovative clamping systems that eliminate the need to drill or weld steelwork, reducing installation time and labour costs. Lindapter steelwork fixings and Girder Clamps are ideally suited for both new construction and the refurbishment of existing structures.


Decking Fixings

Lindapter produce a range of high quality, cost effective building services connections designed to fit inside the dovetail shaped re-entrant channel of decking profiles, compatible with all major manufacturers including CMF, Tata Steel Europe, Kingspan, SMD, Anglian Metal Deck and Hare Decking.


Cavity Fixings

The range consists of the legendary Hollo-Bolt® and Lindibolt®, creating simple, cost-effective connections of SHS and other hollow sections, or conventional steelwork where access is available from one side only. The Hollo-Bolt can be used as a primary structural connection as detailed in the

SCI/BCSA publication ‘Joints in Steel Construction – Simple Connections’.


Floor Fixings

Lindapter’s concept extends to their innovative fixings that connect steel flooring to supporting steelwork without the need of on-site drilling or welding. Access to the underside of the flooring is not required, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding or elevated floors. Installation can be carried out quickly and safely from above, often by one person, significantly reducing costs.


Support Fixings

Lindapter provides solutions for supporting all building services, including the suspension of HVAC

equipment, pipe work, fire protection/sprinkler systems, suspended ceilings and electrical equipment from structural or secondary beams.


Rail Fixings

Fast and convenient fixings are available for over head equipment, track work cable troughs, electrification bracketry, station monitors and the holding down of low speed rail lines. Lindapter also design and manufacture bespoke products for individual customer requirements.

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