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Bapp A4 Corp Bro lores-1.png

BAPP Group of Companies

Corporate Brochure

Non Preload BS EN 15048 CE-1.png

BS EN 15048 Parts 1 & 2

CE Req Non Pre-Load

BAPP A4 Structural Brochure-1.png

BAPP Group of Companies

Structural Brochure


BS EN 15048 Parts 1 & 2

Non pre-Load Tightening Method

Non Preload Assemblies BS EN 15048 - 1&2-1.png

BS EN 15048 Parts 1 & 2

8.8 & 10.9 Non Pre-Load

BAPP Part 3 HR Bolt Assembley-1.png

BS EN 14399-3 HR

Pre-Load Bolt Assemblies

BAPP Part 7 HR Countersunk Assembly-1.png

BS EN 14399-7 HR

Countersunk Assemblies

BAPP ASTM A325 Assembly-1.png

ASTM A325 Structural

Bolt Assemblies

BAPP 14399-10 2018 HRC Assembly-1.png

BS EN 14399-10 HRC


BAPP Polyester Resin Brochure-1.png

Polyester Resin

Product Guide


BSCA Model Specification

Structural Assemblies

BAPP Part 4 HV Bolt Assembley-1.png

BS EN 14399-4 HV

Pre-Load Bolt Assemblies

BAPP 14399-8 2018 HV HEX FIT Assembly-1.png

BS EN 14399-8 HV

Hex Fit Assemblies

BAPP ASTM A490M Assembly-1.png

ASTM A490M Structural

Bolt Assemblies

BS EN 14399 1 to 10 CE REQ-1.png

BS EN 14399 Parts 1 & 2

CE Requirements

BAPP Polyester Resin Safety Data-1.png

Polyester Resin

Safety Guide


Threaded Studs

Product Guide

BAPP Part 5 Plain Washer-1.png

BS EN 14399-5

Plain Washers

BAPP 14399-9 DTI Washer Assembly-1.png

BS EN 14399-9

DTI, HN & HB Washers

BAPP ASTM A490 Assembly-1.png

ASTM A490 Structural

Bolt Assemblies

BS EN 7419 SQ SQ-1.png

BS EN 7419 SQ SQ

Grades 4.6 & 8.8


10.9HV M39 - M64 DASt021

Pre-Load Assemblies

BAPP A2 Poster Front.png

BAPP Fasteners

Product Guide

BAPP Part 6 Plain Chamfered Washer-1.png

BS EN 14399-6

Plain Chamfered Washers

BAPP ASTM A325M Assembly-1.png

ASTM A325M Structural

Bolt Assemblies


BS EN 14399-9 DTI

Installation Manual

BAPP Fixings Brochure-1.png

Fixing Bolts

Product Guide


Nord Lock Washer

Technical Guide

BAPP A2 Poster Back Group of Companies.png

BAPP Tools

Product Guide

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