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After increasing worldwide demand of CE marked structural bolt assemblies, BAPP continually export structural bolting for large scale structural engineering and construction projects worldwide.
BAPP have become a major force in the international construction market, working with some of the world’s largest contractors contributing to many large infrastructure projects.



For over 40 years, BAPP has been the supply partner of choice for many of the world’s largest structural engineering and construction companies, with our knowledge of structural jointing and construction assemblies being unmatched.

BAPP technical managers are members of structural steelwork advisory bodies, leading the way in helping to shape industry policy and drive innovation at the highest levels. Our aim is to deliver consistently high quality products, competitive pricing and a fast, effective service. Delivering to the tightest of deadlines is just one of our core strengths and to this end, BAPP constantly carries stock in excess of £5 million.


BAPP is a fully accredited (Lloyd’s Register) manufacturer of “CE” marked bolting assemblies as per the new European norms: BS EN15048 and BS EN14399, which are covered by the new EU construction products regulation (CPR 305/211/EEC). As an ISO 9001 and Lloyds register approved company, quality is of paramount importance to BAPP and our entire stock range is rigorously tested and fully certificated. Certification to EN 10204 3.1 is provided as standard.


We are recognised throughout the world for its expertise in structural bolting assemblies to all international standards such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS and BS. We also have the technical and manufacturing capability to offer bespoke, client specific parts, delivered to site anywhere in the world. “CE” marked structural bolt assemblies are colour coded by both diameter and coating, providing rapid on-site recognition for our clients, reducing wastage, saving time and money.

Supporting the local community by creating well-paid, fulfilling, long-term employment for local people.

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BAPP supply some of the largest companies in the UK including steel, machinery and furniture manufacturers

With over 30,000 different product lines in stock including class C components and consumables from its UK supply chain, BAPP are the ideal partner for any manufacturing supply requirements.

All our products are shipped with strict fully traceable documentation, packaging and labels. We pay every attention to detail to ensure each delivery arrives in pristine condition.

BAPP also offer full VMI capabilities supported by a team of experienced sales representatives and a fleet of over 30 delivery vehicles ensuring our customer’s needs are met on time every time.




Working with many of our clients we have been a part of some of the biggest and smallest bridges in the world.

A wide range of the highest quality bridge bolting assemblies are held in stock and are “CE” marked to European legislation 305/211/EEC or "UKCA" marked to (EU Exit) Regulation 2020, where applicable. Our engineers are members of recognised technical standards committees for both highway and railway authorities and have a wealth of experience and expertise in this safety critical sector.


In addition to standard bolting assemblies we also supply products used in ongoing maintenance and remedial work. Whatever the application, BAPP can provide the technical solution and the correct fastener for any given joint. As an ISO9001 and Lloyds approved “CE” manufacturer and distributor, quality is of paramount importance to BAPP, so all our stock is rigorously tested and inspected with EN10204 certification provided as standard.


With over £5 million worth of stock, BAPP offers a wide range of high quality bridge bolting assemblies, which are “CE” marked to European legislation 305/211/EEC or "UKCA" marked to (EU Exit) Regulation 2020, where applicable.

Many of the fasteners we produce are bespoketo our clients specification requirements



We manufacture, stock and distribute a highly engineered range of petro-chemical grade studbolt assemblies and fasteners developed specifically for critical applications in the petro chemical and processing Industries.

BAPP specialises in a wide range of petrochemical materials which include B7, L7, 660 grade, Durehete, Inconel, Nimonic and Hastelloy. As well as offering a wide range of standard and specialised materials, BAPP also offers expert advice on a huge range of surface coatings from the standard bright zinc, hot dip galvanised and sheradised finishes through to PTFE, Molykote, Xylan 1070, Geomet and others.

Fasteners are normally manufactured to ASTM or BS standards, although we have the capability to produce to any other worldwide standard if required.  With our extensive in-house manufacturing capability, we also produce client bespoke parts to order. BAPP ensure that all products are supplied to the highest quality with full traceability and test certification to EN 10204 3.1 as standard.

A fleet of over 60 vehicles deliver goods to both national and international customers



We manufacture and supply a complete range of track fasteners for the rail market. The quality and diversity of this product makes them suitable for the world’s railways.

Our engineers have worked on the technical standards committees of both highway and railway authorities for many years and have a wealth of experience and expertise in this sector. BAPP can draw on this experience in supplying a wide variety of fixing solutions to this demanding and diverse marketplace.


With over £5 million worth of stock, BAPP offers a wide range of high quality rail specific fastenings; from complex bolting systems to traditional sleeper screws, track bolts, and much more.


BAPP Group holds ISO 9001, “CE” (LRQA Verification), RISQS and multiple Achilles accreditations guaranteeing the high quality standards required in the safety critical rail sector. Whether manufactured to BS, UIC, or to our customer’s specific drawings and standards, BAPP provide solutions to the most complex fixing challenges.

Our export team has over 50 years experience working with companies on any size project



Today, our company is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of specialist bolts to the modern tunnelling industry.

For over 50 years, we have supplied a wide variety of specialist fastener products, many of which are designed by our own engineers in collaboration with our clients as part of our extensive technical support. Tunnel specific items regularly supplied are spear bolts, curved bolts and dowel systems in a variety of grades and coating finishes.


BAPP specialises in extra coarse pitch ‘speed thread’ bolt and nut assemblies which are increasingly specified on projects giving rapid fixing on site and therefore consequential savings in time and money.

In addition to tunnelling fastening systems we also supply a complete range of plastic components to be used in conjunction with our bolting range. BAPP also offers customers a full design service specifically to meet exact requirements of any bespoke products.

The UK's largest independent distributer with over 18,000 products in stock



The manufacture and provision of high quality, safety critical fasteners with the ability to operate in some of the most hostile environments has gained the company an unrivalled reputation in the wind turbine marketplace.

With the growth in wind turbine technology, BAPP has used its appreciation and knowledge of fastener applications to benefit this new, green industry. BAPP's high quality products, unrivalled technical support, expertise and experience gained over many years, are a significant advantage in the manufacture and supply of safety critical fasteners designed for this challenging sector.


BAPP supplies a wide variety of fasteners of the very highest quality, specifically designed for the wind turbine industry and manufactured to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. Whether they are standard industry products or manufactured by us to customer specific drawings these products are all backed by relevant accreditations and test certification.

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