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Arctic Winter Glove

The latest development in hand protection. Twin liner traps in heat with a 3/4 dipping to keep hands dry. Soft nitrile foam dipping offers full protection to the fingers. Open back for breathability.

• CE certified
• Specially designed for use in cold conditions
• Twin liner traps in heat through increased insulation
• Flexible sandy nitrile coating offers grip in wet and dry conditions
• 3/4 dipped for increased protection
• 100% Breathable seamless liner
• 15 gauge liner for extra dexterity
• Retail tag which aids presentation for retail sales
• Superb abrasion and tear resistance
• 15 gauge liner for extra dexterity

Black Reg: L/9 - XXL/11
Yellow/Black Reg: M/8 - XXL/11

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